Market access webinar

Navigating the updated 2020 ICER value assessment framework

In this webinar, US subject matter experts will provide an overview of changes in the recent update to the ICER value assessment framework (VAF), released in January 2020.

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We will discuss potential implications of the changes to the ICER VAF, share a real-world example of how the updated VAF is being used, and examine ways to proactively use this updated framework to drive access for your brand.

Discussion points

  • Understand the role of ICER in the evolving US healthcare landscape
  • Review changes in the 2020 ICER VAF update
  • Understand the implications and real-world use of the updated 2020 ICER VAF


Duration: 30 minutes. Available to watch on demand.

Ideal viewing: This on-demand webinar is essential viewing for all global, regional, and affiliate market access and HEOR teams involved in the development of managed entry agreements. Please share this with your colleagues.

Broadcast: 2020

Navigating the updated 2020 ICER value assessment framework