Federal and state healthcare policy consulting

Sharpen your multi-stakeholder perspectives on federal and state healthcare policy and better navigate the complex legislative and regulatory environment.


An ever-evolving policy landscape


Understanding how policies impact each sector in the US healthcare system requires expertise in the political process, the business of healthcare, and the mechanisms of policymaking at the federal and state levels. As policymakers respond to ever-evolving market dynamics, the introduction of new treatment options, and the changing needs of patients, even healthcare industry veterans face challenges staying current while foreseeing potential outcomes.


Stakeholders need a reliable way to monitor the policy environment, assess its implications, and create strategic solutions to address their most critical questions – including questions they have not yet asked. In short, they need a partner who can anticipate, interpret, and respond to changes in this environment.


Best-in-class healthcare policy consulting


In a crowded and uncertain policy environment, you need to get to the heart of what matters most. We connect with our colleagues at Avalere (a member of Fishawack Health) to give you targeted, customer-centric research, analytics, and insights into federal and state policy information to help you understand why it matters and how to move ahead.


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  • Drug pricing
  • Healthcare coverage and eligibility
  • Health equity
  • Policy tracking/monitoring
  • Policy design
  • Advocacy strategy
  • Policy analysis
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
  • Participation in government markets.


These services are provided by Avalere, a part of Fishawack Health.


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We hire people with a deep understanding of the US policy environment. We have experts who have worked on Capitol Hill, for federal agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and some who have served in lobbyist and advocacy roles for key stakeholders. Our policy expertise starts with our people – we are simply quite ingrained into the policy community.

Elizabeth Carpenter, President, Avalere

Avalere’s best-in-class reputation speaks for itself and it’s clear that they know CMS like nobody else. This will be relevant for our US-based clients and will also help our clients based in Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

David Sykes, President of Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence at Fishawack Health, and Founding Partner at PRMA Consulting

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