Healthcare due diligence

Navigating due diligence in healthcare requires a specific course of action, from analyzing compliance measures to decoding financials, legal issues, and more.


Risks and opportunities in healthcare due diligence


While opportunities to participate in this fast-paced environment exist, the complexities of the healthcare industry can lead to uncertainty. Making informed investment and acquisition decisions requires a strategic partner with both a breadth of knowledge and first-hand experience.


Though any investment decision requires significant risk assessment and due diligence, business opportunities in the healthcare space require an additional level of insight. Complex government regulations at the state and federal levels, rapidly changing policies, and continually evolving payment structures, licensing and permitting, and compliance, often sit outside the scope of traditional investment and venture capital proficiency.


Despite these hurdles, healthcare deal activity is strong and so is competition for traditional transactions. To seize these opportunities and make sound business decisions, clients need a partner with cross-functional expertise that includes finance, law, healthcare policy, reimbursement, and commercialization, as well as the ability to leverage that expertise quickly.


A data-driven, customized approach


We will connect you with due diligence experts at Avalere (a member of Fishawack Health) who have backgrounds in the healthcare, corporate, and finance spaces, creating a diversity of perspective that allows for continuous, thorough analysis of acquisition targets and insightful due diligence plans.


Their approach combines market intelligence with current and emerging medical science, and is enhanced by proprietary government, commercial, and demographic data. Quantitative analysis sits at the core of their work, including the development and transactional diligence for physician services, post-acute care, and life sciences clients.


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To guide clients in making critical decisions, our experts deliver customized, data-driven analysis to quantify relevant risks, opportunities, and trends that inform financial models and support our differentiated diligence approach.

Elizabeth Carpenter, President, Avalere

Avalere is renowned for helping clients identify business strategies that navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. From policy and due diligence to market access and transformation, the team offers a 360-degree perspective that reflects the interconnected nature of the healthcare system.

Jon Koch, CEO, Fishawack Health 

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