Market access webinar

CAR-T therapy: the future begins to take shape

This on-demand webinar reviews the early experiences of the first CAR-T products to be licensed, enter into pricing and reimbursement (P&R) processes, and move towards delivery in a commercial setting.

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Initial learnings focus on health technology assessment (HTA) methods and processes, emerging models for delivering CAR-T therapy within healthcare systems, and payer and policy-maker responses to affordability and sustainability challenges.

The present situation of CAR-T therapy and key issues in the US, UK, France, and Germany is discussed. Focus is given to the practical implications for HTAs, patient access, and the development of funding and delivery models within public healthcare systems.

Discussion points:

  • The challenges for HTA of assessing breakthrough technologies with single-arm registration trials, potentially curative treatment effect, and immature evidence.
  • Capacity building and affordability challenges for CAR-T implementation and the short-term implications for patient access.
  • The real-world impact of CAR-T manufacturing and logistics for effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare delivery.
  • The potential path forward, focusing on upcoming P&R decisions and health system implementation of CAR-T treatment in leukemia and lymphoma in the EU.

Duration: 45 minutes. Available to watch on demand.

Ideal viewing: This on-demand webinar is essential viewing for all global, regional, and affiliate market access and HEOR teams involved in the development and commercialization of CAR-T therapies. Please share this with your colleagues.

Broadcast: 2018

CAR-T therapy: the future begins to take shape